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National Mango Festival Pakistan 2016

National Mango Festival Pakistan 2016

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by October 1, 2016 Events, News

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Our aim to organize National Mango Festival Pakistan….
Pick your own experience of Mango.
1- Visitors can get the idea where and how Mango fruit growing/produce .
2- We want to decrease the role of middleman so pick your own enterprise is the idea of direct marketing ,build links of farmer and end consumer without any middleman for cheaper prices of agri-products.
3- Pick your own experience is wonderful fun and entertainment for visitors.

4- Our kids are not much familiars with and have no idea where the food come from? So U-Pick Enterprise is a great opportunity for kid’s education where the food come from?
5- Kids spends a lot of time playing video games, cartoon movies, laptops using, having no time for outdoor activities,so U-Pick experience brings them in agri-fields spending sometime in nature.

6- Our Farmer can’t get good prices of their products so we call them come for new trends of agri business in local areas.

7- We want to explore the new valuable crops rather than our traditional low outcomes crops for agriculturist community , it is a practical training workshop and model fruits farm for them .
8- We also want to educate our consumers and farmers for value additions . value additions in such a way how we can use it.

9- And our main aim to design such events are explore the beauty of agri fields for tourism rather than our other tourism like mountains, forest and water . agri tourism is not only great Fun and entertainment but also very learning for school kids, college/university students and community.
Tariq Tanveer

Agri Tourism Development Corporation of Pakistan.
Agri Tourism Development Corporation of Pakistan connecting people through Food, Farms & Education.
organize one day “National Mango Festival Pakistan 2016”
Date :- Sunday 10th July 2016 and
time is 10 AM to 4 PM
Venue:- Asghar Mango Orchard & Agri Tourism Park Chak 116 JB Rara Tali 7 KM Millat Road Faisalabad near Jumra Kamalpur Bay pass.
Activities of the day
* lecture on successful mango growing on domestic and commercial scale.
* value addition producrs of mango fruit.
* introduce pick your own (U – Pick) Enterprise
* Fun for Families who love nature.
* camping site
* Mango Fun and Mango compitation
* pay for how much you will pick
participation was free on site
contact host
Naveed-ur- Rahman (owner of farm) he do it so well.
sponsor this mango festival
Public Pharma thank to Zeshan saib and Dr Baber HomeoDr Babar Aminfor support such beautiful mango festval.
many national and local media chanel tv coverage this mango festival.
there were lot of families visit this mango festival. kids enjoy agricultural equipment museum,kids play area , double decker tractor ride. mango eating compitition, climbing on mango tree kids enjoy it. walk in mango fruit trees. local music and dhool banjra.
so many mango varity also display for visitors.


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